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Jacquelyn Perry


about me...


Because this is all about your day I want you to

know more about the person behind the camera


          I love the Lord and I am so thankful that He has gifted me with being able to have a job I am passionate about. Alongside weddings and couples sessions I also take pictures in the church and really love capturing worship. It is a form of worship for me. Being able to be used by God to capture what He sees, things and people He has created, it is so fulfilling. 


Okay so about the beautiful things God has created... I LOVE the Ocean! If I could go to the beach every day I would. I pretty much go at least once every two weeks. I never thought I would surf though always had a fear of sharks as most people do haha but when I went to Hawaii in 2016 I surfed in Oahu and it was amazing.

My favorite food is Mexican and Chinese soooo good. I love spicy! but also have a serious sweet tooth. Sour gummy worms are my go to I don't really like chocolate so almost any sugary candy is good to me. I did gymnastics for 10 years and competed for 1, before covid I was also coaching gymnastics for a year and a half. Every week I get together with friends and play sand volleyball.   

I have pretty much always wanted to be a photographer but when I was really little I did want to be a fashion designer. I've been doing photography professionally for four years now. I have never cared about how much money I make and I've never wanted to have just one job. I want to do all kinds of things I love but I believe photography is a main gift I've been given and will use my whole life.One of the things I love most about photography is getting those candid moments totally not planned but just happen and end up being amazing. I'll be honest though there are usually a few poses I'm just absolutely dying to try coming into the day. I love adventures and sunsets are my favorite! Lastly I care so much about my clients, I want to do my best to fulfill your vision of what you want while also just having a fun time and make it as easy for you as I can. 


            You can scroll though some of my adventures and get to know my face a little more. If you think we would make a great match feel free to check out my pricing or if you are ready to book click one of the attached boxes below...


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